Firefox and java


After spending quite a bit of time installing firefox, the next step is to try out an applet on it. So I made the link to jdk1.5.0/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/ and started up the browser again, it worked despite the fact that java 5.0 has quite a few problems of it's own.

Hang on where did the java console go? It turns out you need to install an extension if you want to access the java console from firefox, fortunately the extension is only 7 kb so it installed in seconds. The next victim (obviously) is rad upload and guess what it worked perfectly.

Now the symlink in the plugins directory was changed to the 1.4.2 version (which is probably the most stable version of java ever) and the same process was tried with success.

Then I had this sudded urge to try out the IBM JVM (v 1.4). This was one of the more popular JVMs for linux systems for a long long time but has waned in popularity in recent years. I already have a 1.3 version installed but wanted try out the new version as well. Firefox passed that test with flying colors too, the most tedius part was to fill up all the forms on the IBM developerworks site.

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