Having installed firefox a few days ago, I decided to have a go at installing thunderbird. The firefox installation certainly didn't go very smoothly for me, which was disapointing.

Unlike the other products I try out on an almost weekly basis, firefox been a browser has every single internet user as it's target market - not just software developers like you and me. As such it should be really smooth sailing, which was not to be.

Thunderbird installation was a lot smoother, it even managed to import all the mail from my mozilla 1.7x installation. I have been fed up with mozilla mail for qutie some time. The most annoying thing about mozilla mail is that it frequently fails to copy messages to the sent box, even if the sent box is a local folder.

Occaisionaly I have had reason to believe that mozilla may be failing to deliver mails altogether. That's because couple of people I work with have claimed not to have recieved emails I sent them. And lo and behold there isn't a copy in the outbox.

So all in all there were plenty of good reasons to move to thunderbird. It looked quite promising until I attempted to reply to a mail. Thunderbird just disappeared from my screen with the message:

/usr/local/thunderbird/ line 451: 3936 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"[email protected]"}

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