Print Suite and Card Designer


We have been threatening to release the Rad Inks Print Suite for a long long time. Then on august 31, we finally did. On November 04th we followed it up by the first new version (1.01).

There aren't that many significant feature enhancements in the new version (except for the fact that a single order can now have multiple files associated with it). The most significant change is that you can now download the software free of charge for evaluation purposes.

Since we have placed a price tag of $1950 on the release version we are taking quite a risk but we firmly believe that our clients are honest and decided to go ahead with the free download.

We have been running our online store for over an year. During that time we have had only one (yes 1) charge back. The percentage of orders we have had to cancell due to fraud has been very small. That's why we have a lot of faith in the customer's honesty.

And what about the card designer? Version 1.10 of the card designer was released today. The main purpose of this release is to ensure that the card designer and the card

designer embedded into the print suite are in sync.

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