Rad Upload

2007 June 4 at 07:16 » Tagged as :rad upload, rcs,

We released a new version of Rad Upload a couple of days ago. This is primarily a bug fix release and I think this will be the last version in the 3x branch. We have already completed the work on version 4.0 and will be making the beta release in a few days time.

Version 4.0 is going to be exciting. It's a resumable HTTP uploader. You can use it to upload very very large files regardless of the server configurations. Usually webserver have an arbitrary limit on the size of an HTTP post or even a specific setting for the multipart/form-data content type. You see this very often with PHP. PHP has a very low value for maximum upload size (2MB) and for the maximum post size (8MB). No wonder our web server configuration guide is so popular.

Let's get back to the current version (3.12). What are the bug fixes? there are three of them but none of them are serious. It has to do with client side filtering by file type and the embeddable progress monitor. You can read the details here....