Movable type bug?


I updated to movable type 3.121 a few days ago. It seems to have a bug, when I attempted to rebuild this blog, I started getting this error out of the blue:

Building entry 'Encrypted filesystem on linux' failed: Build error in template 'Date-Based Archive': Error in <MTArchivePrevious> tag: <MTArchivePrevious> can be used only with Daily, Weekly, or Monthly archives.

I certainly didn't make any changes to the templates or archive schemes that could have caused this error, after struggling with it for more than half and hour I finally realized that life is too short to bother with such trivial persuits. All I lose by removing the <MTArchivePrevious> and <MTArchiveNext> tag from the monthly template is that the pages no longer have links to the previous and next month but who cares?

Interestingly, while upgrading MT, I decided (against my better judgement) to move from DBD to mysql as the backend. I would have moved to postgresql instead but the driver on my new Fedora Core Installation kept choking, so regretably it was a mysql db that I turned to. (I can perhaps use, Barbet later on to migrate it again

Since having the data stored in mysql, rebuilding the blog has become a lot slower than it used to be. Perhaps that is only to be expected, for semi static content there is nothing like a good old fashioned flat file and BDB is pretty close to a flatfile anyway.

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