The mystery of the Sourceforge Statistics


Megaupload is once again back in the top 1% at Source Forge. To be precise the stats for 4th December placed it at 99.42. As far as I am concerned that's a good thing, but how accurate are these stats?

If you look closely the stats page is marked with a bug icon. That's the way it has been as far back as I can remember, perhaps an icon of a roulette wheel or a dice would have been more appropriate.

Consider this: on the 4th Megaupload had 117 downloads and 965 page views. The stats are said to be calculated on a weekly basis, and the highest for the preceding seven days was 1901 pages and 160 downloads on the 1st of December. ON the strength of these figure the project was ranked 102 in terms of activity on the 4th.

Now consider this, on the 20th of November, megaupload was ranked at lowly 1374, and 92 in terms of percentile. But take a look at the download and page view figures; 2029 pages were delivered on the 20th and 165 people downloaded the tarball. On the previous day 2102 pages were seen and 172 downloads took place. Despite these figures the project still slid down to 92%

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