Search engine wars inside your computer


This post is not about the likes of google desktop search. This is about building your own search engine. There are plenty of software freely available that let you do this quite easily.

Out of these programs mnogosearch and aspseek have been favourites of mine for quite sometime, but I have not had an opportunity to work with either of these during the last two years, when the opportunity arose I found to my great dismay that aspseek has vapourised. Vaporised as in the sense it's no longer being actively developed.

Two years ago Aspseek was miles ahead of other similiar engines, so it hasn't become completely outdated none the less many other engines are now clammering to be heard and they should be heard. I will be analysing some of these during the coming weeks.

As for mnogosearch and aspseek, they are quite similar for the simple reason that aspseek was built by forking mnogosearch. When I did a comparision study of these two products two years ago, I found that though aspseek does not have a PHP interface and is harder to use, it's indexer is much faster to that of mnogosearch, but things may have changed. If you are interested in finding out if things have indeed changed please check back in a few weeks time.

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