Resize and Upload Images vs Upload and resize


For years everyone has been talking about image upload and resize. What a waste of bandwidth and server resources. How much more efficient is it to resize and upload images instead.

Trouble is that typical web applications can get their hands on the images only after the it has been uploaded. Or at least that's the way it was until Rad Upload version 2.00 was released yesterday.

Rad Upload will scale the image while it's still on the clients computer, using the CPU on the client machine and not on your server. Since the scaled image is likely to be smaller than the original image, the upload will consume less bandwidth.

Did I mention that to upload files the user only has to drag and drop them on a special area of their web browser? And did I tell you that you can upload entire folder trees? Does this sound like an advertorial for Rad Upload? no reason it should not, I designed it and wrote large parts of it.

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