PhpAdsNew and Adsense


For three days adsense as not generated one red cent of revenue for this site inspite of delivering over 3000 impressions a day. This looks like the ideal opportunity to install phpadsnew.

PhpAdsNew is a very complicated piece of work, it has to be that way because not only does it deliver ads but it has separate campaign and publisher managent areas as well.

In fact I downloaded this software an year ago but didn't bother to install because the PDF manuals were too long and boring to read. This time having no choice I waded through it. The problem here is that the documentation is too detailed. Had it been in HTML it would have been easier to digest but unfortnately that was not to be.

Installation of the product itself is a trivial task it's the administration and getting started that is painfull, and I will also have to figure out how to deliver adsense ads through phpads and vice verce. The biggest problem, finding advertisers has not been addressed yet.

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