CMS Review


CMS seems to be the hot thing these days. Everyone and his grandmother seems to be developing their own Content Management Systems. I decided to check some of the listings in hotscripts and was appalled.

Some of the sites and products are just trash, you can tell by their websites and-urls-with-too-many-hypens. So out of a hundreds of listings I only bothered to download a handfull. The first victim was a product called ToendaCMS I didn't find the documentation to my liking and went no further.

The next victim was named ezpublish. Here the documentation is even worse. I cannot understand why you cannot include a 4kb INSTALL.txt file in a 4.5Mb download. They want us to visit their site and read it online - which I don't mind doing, except for the fact that the manual is in byte sized chunks.

I might have struggled with any of these systems If i had no choice, but I do, Content Management Systems are dime a dozen. To be more accurate they are half penny for two dozens.

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