Advertising and Content Management Systems.


The other day I wrote about how there is a massive oversupply of content management systems. Most of them are similar in functionality and appearence and equally disapointing.

Adrotation systems are no better. Yesterday I was going through hotscripts trying to track down a suitable advertising management program for this site with out any success. It's not because hotscripts contains too few entries for this but because it contains too many.

The deluge of badly designed and poorly written applications making their way into hotscripts has greatly reduced the usefullness of this site.

Freshmeat and Sourceforge have also have been inundated with a high volume of listings. The difference however is that they have reasonably good search algorithms and do not mix commercial paid for listings with the search results.

Another plus that these two sites have over other download centers or software repositories is that they have an 'activity measurement'. Even though it's seriously flawed at sourceforge, it still gives a pretty good indication of what projects are worth downloading.

To get back on topic, the admanagement systems on hotscript seem mostly to be about spamming adsense or adwords and not really about ad rotation. Having looked at dozens of ad managers, the quality of PHPAdsnew becomes more and more obvious. Unfortunately for me phpadsnew is too complex for the task I have in mind.

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