The card designer


A new release of the Rad Card Designer was made yesterday. In case you have not seen it before; it's an online business card designer that can be integrated into existing web sites and applications.

Of course if you don't have an online printing website already, you could download the entire print suite. Which has the rest of the components needed to run a printing site.

So what's special about the new release? the answer is that the special features available in Rad Upload version 2.00 has found it's way into the card designer. How come?

The card designer makes use of Rad Upload to transfer images from the client computer to the web app. Since the new version of Rad UPload can filter out unwanted types at the client side that feature is now available in Rad Card as well. More importantly Rad UPload can resize images and as a result the business card design applet can aslo resize images while it's still on the client computer.

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