Drupal again


So it's back to drupal after downgrading my php installation to 4.3.8 . The drupal documentation says it does not work with PHP 5 which turned out to be true.

The system does load up properly with the older version of php. The sign up page (you need to create an account before you can use it) only asks for the username and email address and expects you to use the password that it picks for you. I wonder what the author is like when he is at home. Fortunately it does have a password changer (unlike quite a few other systems I have seen)

So far (from using it for about half and hour) what I have gathered is that this is a system that you need to get used. It is obvious that drupal is a powerfull application loaded with features. It's just that their usage does not come insticntively.

Let's put in this back burner and take a look at mambo in the meantime.

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