After drupal, it's now the turn of Mambo to be put through the olive press. Things got off to a bad start when the mambo tarball extracted itself into the current directory instead of into a subdirectory as it should. Luckily I know how to clean up.

After the usual mambo-jambo about creating the databases and moving the files to the webspace it was time to point my browser at my installation URL. The web based installer immidiately started to scream that it needs write permissions to a countless number of folders. Surely the folder structure could have been better organized so that all the directories that need to be written to have a common parent?

The next shocker came in the database setup page, why or why must the database password be gathered in a textfield instead of a password field? The admin password was also collected in a textfield in the same manner. Yikes thank god I am doing this at home.

Having got over all, that getting into the admin area was a pleasent suprise, the UI looks tastefull and the same can be said about the default templates. It seems to be packed with features, probably more than I need but the first impression is indeed positive. I may be willing to forgive the passwords and tarball mess. Let's hope this is not a case of a thick coat of paint on a thin wall.

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