This is another residual post from my study of BB and CMS a few weeks back.

phpBB2 is something that I installed on one of my other websites about two years ago. I picked it not because I had a strong liking for it but because it seemed like the best of a bad lot at the time.

Since then several new releases have been made and now it's the time to check it out to see whether new releases mean improvements. Though PHPBB2 has had a bit of a bad press with a security issue. It's not a bad system.

Unfortunately with so many applications having PHP as part of it's name, security issues in the PHP engine itself get rubbed off on some of these apps. Worse still the opposite also happens and a famous proprietory software vendor is the biggest beneficiary of these 'non existent' flaws.

Let's keep this on topic shall we? The phpbb people have forgotten to put a plain text readme and install file in their tarball. Most annoying. The installer looks pretty much like what it used to look in version 2.0.4 (the last version i tried). Well at least they take proper care of passwords (unlike FUD)

Right now that I have it installed it's time to put phpbb2 in the back burner (as I have already done with FUD and a few other things in recent times). The idea is to install a couple more and try a comparision test.

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