CMS should be CMMS

2005 Feb 23 at 09:21 » Tagged as :cms, drupal, lame,

A CMS is supposed to save you time in managing your website, unfortunately quite the opposite seems to be the case. I have never had much faith in PHP templating systems or by extension Content Management Systems. The more I look at the latter the more I am convinced that they should be labled content mismanagement systems.

If you read this blog regularly you might have noticed that i have been looking at a few of these systems during the past weeks. Last week I decided to use drupal for one of my projects. Then I had a look through the documentation and it was appalling.

As some others had commented in the drupal forum, the documentation is too modularized and too detailed, it's a tough ask figuring out which section of the documentation you need to read to dig up the information you need.

While I am a great fan of RTFM, I don't believe in reading through a vast manual, most of which is aimed at newbies, or too generic. The drupal manual certainly does not need to teach me (or anyone) how to install php or postgres. Keep it short and sweet please.

At the moment it looks like I am through with Content Management Systems or at least with drupal.