Rad Upload 2.01


A new version of Rad Upload 2 was released on Saturday. It makes several improvements over version 2.00 which was released earlier in the year.

Rad Upload 2, introduced the ability to resize images as they are being uploaded. While the images are being resized a dialog box appears and it used to say "please wait while the images are being resized". When truck loads of images were being resized some users became confused thinking that the applet had crashed when in fact it had not.

The solution of course is simple, just display a counter in this dialog box so that it now keeps changing frequently. That's what we have done in version 2.01

Now that takes care of the problem with a lot of small images, unfortunately the applet did have an issue when scaling large images as well. This was due to the fact that unwanted objects were taking up too much memory. We have slightly changed to code so that ImageWriters and ImageReaders are freed up the moment they fall out of use. The result is that the applet is capable of handling even thousands of images with their file sizes in megabytes.

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