Nokia 6630


Just got my hands on a Nokia 6630 and I have not been so excited by a phone in years. The last three phones I bought were siemens and the last one was purchased nearly 2 years ago. This time a nokia 6630 was chosen because siemens phones no longer seem as exciting as the nokia counterparts.

The box included a USB connector for the phone and I was very keen to try out some of my code written for a 6600 from an year ago. Unfortunately though the hotplug detected a new usb device been plugged in it could not be mounted like a thumb drive.

I have always had trouble with USB devices on my linux machine. It was nearly an year after I got hold of a creative web camera that I managed to get it working. My experience with a creative USB MP3 player/storage device was more pleasent. Having temporarily shelved any ideas of using the USB cable, and running any apps on this phone, I decided to try using it as a modem.

GPRS Easy connect is that software that I used to create the PPP scripts for my siemens S55, hopes of using the same product to configure PPP for the new phone were soon dashed when the compatibility list did not include the 6630. So it looks like, I will have to do this manually. Messing around with PPP is something I have never enjoyed.

Worse it looks like it may be some time before I can start making full use of this phone.

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