FTP Applet is now free


That's right, you can now download our (Rad Inks) FTP applet free of charge. You can use it on a non commercial website without paying any license fees.

However we need to make a living too, and commercial website owners are asked to pay up (fair enough don't you think?). The new license policy also means that a company/person who wants to evaluate the applet can do so more easily. We have always had an online demo, but some people prefer to install it on their own machines to try out.

The license isn't the only thing that we changed, the most noticable improvement is that the applet (and the standalone client) can now make better use of high speed connections. A bottleneck in the progress monitor was identified and fixed. You may not see a jump in speed over a slow connection but if are transferring over a LAN or fast connection you will find that the new version is much much faster.

While we were changing the progress bar we decided to spice it up a little, the old look was more than an year old. The new progress bar is better looking (If i may say so) and contains a more information.

Next week we are planning a new version of the SFTP applet

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