6630 first impressions.


The camera of my 6630 is a bit disappointing, though it is billed as being 1.3 mega pixel it's video recorder is only 176 pixels wide. However when using it for still photography you can go upto 1024px. The biggest disappointment is that the USB connector is nothing mroe than a piece of junk if you happen to be a linux user.

Having a 64MB Multi Media Card is a bit fun though, it makes my creative muvo obsolete. That's 128mb and the phone can play MP3s with about the same quality as the Muvo. The second use for the muvo, is as a backup for my can't afford to lose data. The phone can easily handle that as well.

As for the micro vm on the device it seems to have a few glitches which suprised me a bit because Nokia has been making MIDP 2 phones for quite some time.

As often happens what you eagerly await turns out to be not exactly what you expected. Hope the same doesn't happen to the powerbook g5 when it comes out

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