adwords quality detoriates.


It seems that the quality of the sites that are been enlisted on the adsense network seems to detoriate on a daily basis. As result adwords advertisers (whose ads are displayed on google search and adsense sites) are getting a raw deal.

Let me give you a example, one of the campaigns that I run for Rad Inks recieved more than 900 clicks in three days from a particular website (the name of which I will not publish).

None of these clicks resulted in a sale, there is no reason to believe that the people who visited the site ever had any intention of buying Rad Upload. The click on the ad just because it was there. As for content on the site it is conspicous by it's absense.

The site in question is one of those dime a dozen image hosting services, since these services are used by people who do not own their own website, they sure don't need Rad Upload.

Curiously google adsense publishers (website owners who display ads on their site) have the option of filtering out low performing ads. On the other hand, adwords advertisers (it is their ads that are displayed by adsense publishers) do not have the same option. The only choice available to advertisers (it is from them that google makes their money) is to disable their ads.

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