2 years for Rad Inks


Yesterday marked the second birthday of Rad Inks. It's not been an easy two years but it was thoroughly enjoyable, a time of ups and downs, thankfully it was mostly ups.

When you start a software company without any external funding it's never easy but that's how Rad Inks began. In order to keep the fires burning we did small outsourced software projects at the start. Being located in south asia where the cost of operatings (and cost of living) is much less than it is in europe or the US made it easier than it would otherwise have been.

I wrote last year that I was beginning to feel a slight breeze in my hair, it hasn't developed yet into a gale force wind but the breeze is getting stronger. Slow but steady growth is all that I need. I have worked for a company that grew too big too fast and came crashing down to the earth before. Don't want to see a repeat of that performance.

By this time we have completely moved out of outsourced projects. We still continue to customize our own products and continue to take on projects that are built around our own software.

It was in August of 2003 that we released our first download, the Rad SFTP applet. It was even featured on the official java website. Since then we have released a few more products the most popular being Rad Upload. The other products have not had the same welcome as Rad Upload, even Rad SFTP despite it's good start is lagging behind Rad Upload but that has not discouraged us.

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