Another Anniversary.

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Another anniversary has gone unnoticed. This blog is now an year old. The first entry is dated 27 February 2004.

My stats tell me I now have 300 entries, in fact yesterday's post was the three hundredth. The blog at the start was not powered by movable type as it is now. The origins lie with blogger. Unfortunately blogger was too much trouble and as a result it is now powered by MT.

I have had a look at a few blogging systems on and off, in fact I wanted to write an article - a comparitive study of blogging tools, but never found the time for and.

Over the past year, I have discussed many topics, problems I encountered in configuring/installing various software and their solutions form a recurring themse. This blog is not just an ego trip, some of these posts have been very usefull to some users (that's what the feedback makes me think).

The most popular entry remains something that was posted just about an year ago titled Javascript upload, but of course it had a head start. Despite it's head start Another post titled ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host (solved) has almost caught up with this entry. The former has a bit controversial too, I have had a couple of pundits telling me that I don't know what I am talking about!

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