the mysql (or my$ql) license debate.


I have written a few times in the past about mysql the license fiasco. Because of the seeds of confusion sawn by mysql themselves, there has been a slight but noticable shift from mysql to postgresql. I have contibuted my little bit and so has rad inks.

In recent times we have not even considered using mysql as the backend for some of our work at radinks. For example with the recently released java file manager, we chose to go with postgresql instead of mysql. The fact that the Connector-J license was changed from LGPL to GPL was an influential factor.

However it looks like a new day is about to dawn, and the smoke clouds appear to be disappearing or that is what some of the press releases are saying. Or rather it is more accurate to say mysql switched on a fan to clear up the smoke and it (the fan) has gone about it's taks somewhat slowly.

My own posts on this topic:

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