Rad Upload 2.02


Released version 2.02 of Rad Upload last week. This is primarily a bug fix release. When version 2.00 was published we added a lot of different features, with the ability to resize images as they are being uploaded being the most significant and the most popular.

There were couple of niggling bugs that needed to be fixed and we have done so in this version. Since the release a few days ago we have had no complaints at all. If this continues I think we will be able to achieve that blissfull state of being bug free.

We have added a couple of new feature enhancements in addition to the bug fixes. Version 2.00 included the ability to change some of the messages displayed by the applet. For example if client side filtering is enabled, the applet will display a message saying "Some of the file you have chosen are not acceptable". This message can be changed by the web site owner simply by editing the applet configuration file. Instead of displaying a dialog box the applet can be asked to load a different web page instead.

Though most of the messages could be changed the message produced when the file size is exceeded couldn't be changed. Now that may sound strange, but when you look closely you will see that the messages that can be customized all have to deal with the features introduced in version 2.00 In other words the file size exceeded message was produced by old (1.xx) code and that had to be changed, and we did change it.

It now looks like we can jump straight to version 2.10 for the next release.

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