Java and PHP File Manager


A few days ago, I wrote about the Rad File Manager. At the time it was a Java File Manager. That has not changed, Janus had two faces, now Rad File Manager has two backsides!

Well jokes apart; Rad File Manager as a newly added PHP web application. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a software that is made up of a web application which runs on your HTTP server and a client that runs in your browser. They work together to provide the functionality that you might find in an SFTP or FTP client/server combination.

For the previous version (1.00) the server side components were in java (Servlets and JSP) for the new version (1.10) we have made recreated the same web application in PHP.

So why have two 'editions'? Well web developers fond of java will want a java version and a php scripters will want a PHP version. At Rad Inks we try to keep our design as simple as possible - and the design of Rad File Manager is simplicity itself. That's what makes it so easy to integrate it into existing web applications.

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