phpinfo is a dog


The authors of PHP have a great sense of humour. Anyone who has ever called the phpinfo() method on April 01st (any year) can vouch for the fact.

Usually the top of the screen in the phpinfo output page is occupied by the PHP logo, today that place is taken up by a dog. The dog is looking back at you as if to say "why are you looking at me that way?".

Despite using php for around eight years, I have never seen this before. I immidiately reazlied that someone was having a joke at my expense. That doesn't mean a bulb went off in my head and I said "off with you, I know this is an april fool's joke". I wasn't about to unplug my network cable or go ape thinking that I had been hacked.

Like 99% of programmers, my first reaction was to type "phpinfo dog" into google to confirm that the authors of the php engine are not just great programmers but great practical jokers too.

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