Ericsson 910i


I have in my hands an Ericsson 910i and I am wondering what all the fuss is about. This is a phone that tries too hard to be too many things at the same time. This expensive phone cannot hold a candle to the 6630 - the other phone I am toying with at the moment. The phone I use on a regular basis and the only one I own is an old siemens S55, and that's far superior to the 910i

For example the 910i has a qwerty keyboard but the keys are so tiny it's nearly impossible to make use of it while holding the phone with one hand. I recall seeing other phones that allow you to bring up a keyboard on the display and tap at it with the styles, perhaps this phone has that feature but I am yet to find it.

How about the camera? the camera is of appalling quality, it's nearly impossible to use it indoors the pictures are of appaling quality, the resolution is only 640x480.

It does have an MP3 player but without the headset it sounds like a scratched up old record. It does have a video recorder and player but it looks grainy even on the phone (haven't tried playing the files on the PC yet).

What about J2ME? I haven't even figured out which version of MIDP is installed on it yet (the manual didn't say and I haven't checked up the site yet - Sony-Ericsson like Siemens does a very good job making information hard to dig up).

Does the phone have any positives? yes. It has huge display and it has a built in chess program which I quite liked.

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