6630 System Error


Time for another complaint against the nokia 6630. To be fair it may not be a problem with the device itself but a problem with the memory stick that accompanied it.

When you attempt to access either the still or video camera you get a nasty message that just says 'System Error'. This happened at a time when I was out of town and without ready access to the net. The usuall remedies of rebooting, taking out the battery+sim to reboot again does not work.

Damned if I will reformat the whole thing again like I did the last time the phone caused problems - there are a couple of photos that I wish to salvage. The next attempt was to remove the MMC and reboot the phone. Viola! with out the memory, the camera (both the still and video) can be readily accessed - even though the phone compains about the missing memory, it will automatically switch to the built in phone memory and continue to function without failing.

Now to plug in the MMC again and try to access the camera, as you may have already guessed you get nothing more than that boring old 'System Error' again.

This probably means I am going to loose the photos - this fear was confirmed when the device was plugged into a computer with a USB cable - everything in the device is inaccessible, the darned thing has to be formatted.

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