The blunt edge


I have not dabbled in any new technology for a couple of months. I have not even been close to the edge and readers of this blog and visitors to this website do not appreciate that. It is reflected in the site statis for April, which shows a drop in april after an almost continues rise for the last few months.

So in order to put things right, I decided to download and compile php 5.04 now you can hardly call that as anything close to the blunt edge, let alone the cutting edge, but it has it's uses. When you dabble in new technology on an almost daily basis trying out new things come naturally, after been away from it all for about two months it looks somewhat less appealing.

Doing a good old fashioned ./configure, make, make install is just the right thing to get into the groove. Even had to solve that *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption all over again, which was fun because I already knew the answer.

You know what I am talking about, man is a creature of habit, there are certain that that we do the same way everyday. We like routine.

So what upset my routine? well, lots of things including the fact that April is the big holiday season in Sri Lanka, the very hot weather that plagued us for a couple of months and now the rains!

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