Log Mine

2005 May 22 at 22:08 » Tagged as :

Earlier this month, I wrote about the need to create a different web log analyzer. I have started on it. A new project has been created at sourceforge.net and the first release will be added in a couple of days time. Interestingly that would coincide with the new sourceforge stats system coming back online.

One of the main feel good factors about open source projects is knowing how many people use your product, with the sourceforget stats being off line for more than four months, this simple pleasure has been denied to thousands of developers. Now the sourceforge stats and back and they definitely look worth the wait. But I digress.

Log Mine, as the new project is called, is just getting started. So the first release will be nothing more than a proof of concept. But it does have a working log file parser. The parsed records will be inserted into a relational database, which make it possible to run all kinds of queries against it and generate all manner of reports and charts.

In fact a very very basic charting tool is also included. Unlike traditional charting tools of many a web log analyzer, Log Mine can plot several different 'resources' on the same axis. This allows you to compare (as an example) the requests for site entry page vs checkout page or sign up page etc.

As usuall with all my projects (including those at Rad Inks, the download is very small. Nothing I hate more than bloatware.