Cut and paste and share-it


Share-it as we all know is an organization that supposedly makes it easier for you to sell your software. That would be true if they knew a thing or two about customer support.

One of the biggest problems with share-it is that you do not get an instant download link when you complete your order. If such a download link can be created they have done a very good job of hiding it away.

The usual pattern with share-it is that you send your file to them as an attachment, and then share-it will in turn mail it to the buyer. Messy to say the least.

So I asked them if there is any way at all in which an instant download link can be created. This is what they say:

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please send us the product as e-mail attachment if it is smaller that 5MB. We will then install it on our server, and

send a download link to your customers, once we have received payment.

So I wrote to them again saying this is not what I asked. This is what they said:

You can send us the full version of the program which can either be send out as an attachment or as an instant download

link, depending on the size of the product file. We encourage you to send a zip files as customers often have

difficulties receiving executable files due to firewalls or their mail clients.

Which is the same as the previous reply but differently worded. They are talking about sending an instant download link in an email not about allowing the user to instantly download the product. Finally after much nagging they replied that an instant download is possible but they forgot to tell me how it could be achieved.

And to think these guys (along with other similar companies) charge much much higher fees than credit card processing services do.

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