Handheld Con Artist


We just avoided being conned by a very large handheld devices manufacture. The company (that will remain nameless) tried to hoodwink us into thinking they are a small outfit. Their point of contact wrote to us using his private email address a free one and asked us to modify the Rad File Manager to match their requirements.

Earlier this person had downloaded Rad Upload, when ordering he had used another email address. The customization they wanted wasn't simple but we agreed to do it for a nominal fee because we felt it would add value to our product in the long run, but the potential client insisted on an exclusive deal.

We only quoted $400 for the modification - peanuts really. This guy reckoned he could tempt us with money and offered US$2000.00. What a loser, $2000 wouldn't even get close to covering our cost let alone the loss of future income. Naturally we refused. He kept nagging but we kept refusing. Then he made a slip. He sent me an email where the headers clearly indicated who he was. Tough luck for him. Either the company is trying to con us or this guy is trying to get us to do this project for peanuts and to pocket the different.

I am shocked that a company that is probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars is being sneaky to say the list when paying a small business.

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