More netbeans gripes and a bug


A couple of more gripes but first a bug. I have more than one project that has the same set of java files. Ideally these files should be compiled and placed in a jarfile. But we don't live in an ideal world. So instead of a single jar file I have multiple subversion branches.

After working on one project for a while, I closed it and switched over to another. They both have some files in common. When I did a 'find usages' search and clicked on any of the results, netbeans insists on opening the file from the earlier project. I spent more than an hour trying to figure out why my code changes had no effect. All the time I had been editing the wrong file.

Now for the gripes:

Is it only me or do you also find that the netbeans debugger inteprets the 'step into' as a 'continue'? This only happens when you are debugging a file it does not happen if you are debugging the main project. Apparently you can overcome this by editing the ANT build file to add a new target. If I fancied ants I wouldn't be using an IDE.

Still haven't figured out why netbeans seems to completely ignore the source tree when doing a 'build' or a 'clean and build' on a web application.

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