So Google is starting an instant messaging service. The really wonderfull news is that it is based on Jabber. Three cheers for open source and four for jabber.

While still on google, I finally signed up for a gmail account, primarily because it's needed to use google talk. To my great suprise I found that my nick raditha was not available. Raditha is not a very common name.

And yesterday I googled for a PHP maildir implementation, to my great suprise I found that there isn't one! squirrelmail, the most popular of PHP IMAP clients does not seem to use maildir either.

One of the reasons is probably that qmail is very particular about the permissions of the maildir folders and will not deliver if the perms are not correct. That makes it difficult for PHP script running as nobody to look into a maildir folder.

A couple of days ago, I started looking at python but found the tutorial rather off putting. Since then I have not looked at it again. Do you know of a good book?

Each time I visit thawte I am more convinced that they are court jesters of the internet security business. Thawte offers code sigining certificates. They have an online support form with a combobox to choose the product. The comobo box only has SSL certificates in it.

Looking for another bunch of jokers? look at netaddress. Many years ago I used to have a usa.net email address. Then they made it a commercial service and me being a poor old student at the time had to give it up. Now I want my old address back (mostly for sentimental reasons.)

I have tried using two credit cards to place an order, heir payment system does not work. And support emails do not get answered. No wonder their shares hit rock bottom during the .com crash.

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