An even better file uploader


Rad Upload keeps getting better with each release. But the last release was exactly two months ago. So it's just the right time to come out with version 2.11.

What's new in the new version? there is a boring bug fix. What's exciting is the improvement to the file selection dialog. The main thrust of Rad Upload's marketing campaign when it was first launched was that it is a drag and drop file uploader with a progress monitor.

Then we added the copy and paste support so that it would work well on linux as well. Many linux desktops didn't allow drag and drop file upload at the time (but now they do).

With version 2.0 came the browse button (and many more things besides). Apparently some users still wanted to browse button (who are we to argue). Unlike the browse button on traditional HTML form based file uploaders, this one allows you to select multiple files and folders at once.

The most recent version just released allows a preview of images chosen for upload.

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