Playing catch up


This is a gloat/boast.

There are couple of products similar to Rad Upload out there. They can be tagged as similar becuase they are HTTP file uploaders and they can be used to upload multiple files there the similarity ends.

But these clients do have lot common with each other. They are all playing catch up with Rad Upload. I see that some of them now offer the ability to resize images before upload. One company that has just caught up with us this way has gone to extra ordinary lengths to gain publicity. They have posted a message to a thread that is more than an year old hoping to gain page rank.

Another common feature is that they are all much much larger in size than Rad Upload. You might say that a 100 kb difference hardly matters given the speed of modern internet connections. The truth is the time taken to download an applet is insignificant when you compare with the time taken to start an applet.

A 100Kb applet will usually take more than twice as long as a 50kb applet to start up. And when it comes to size Rad Upload is the clear winner.

In terms of pricing, Rad Upload is once again ahead. While a couple of other products are approximately the same price as Rad Upload, one is nearly four times as high but has a lot less in terms of features.

All these companies are playing catch up are going to have to put in an extra burst of speed because we have a lot of new features planned. In the meantime, I would like to see what they make of Thin Upload

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