Looking for a new blogger


I am at the moment very happy with Movable Type, but it doesn't do any harm to look at the alternatives to see if something else has caught up or overtaken MT while i wasn't looking. The best way to dig up software such as this is with hotscripts.

The first non commercial entry in the PHP blog scripts category was myBloggie and the first thing you see on visting the download page is a security fix. On to the second one: BoastMachine, the download doesn't start (servers seems to be swapped to death).

The third one, Web Footed has only an RAR file for download. Who uses RAR? On the fourth attempt, I came across a site that works. It's called plog

Plog uses smarty. I hate smarty and all other templating engines for PHP. But that would not matter if it plog can generate static pages as movable type can. Hey but wait a minute where is INSTALL.txt? It's wikified and online and quite good. But they should still include an INSTALL.txt

Apparently installation is only possible using the wizard. That's not so good. Then again the installation was straight forward. Unfortunately it does not look like you can generate static pages with plog.

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