Looking Glass

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Looking Glass is a very interesting idea by a developer at Sun. I can't wait till it's mature enough for day to day usage, so tried the live cd.

Tried to start Looking Glass as a guest of Qemu. Unfortunately it didn't meet with much success. The system would boot, it would go into what appears to be the init phrase and a the end instead of bringing up a login screen or starting X it just says hit enter to reboot.

One might think the X server is running on another virtual screen but holding down the alt key and pressing all the functions keys had no effect.

The next step was to put the CD into the drive and boot up. Running, Looking Glass doesn't like the look of vector. Unfortunately the result were no different from running under QEMU. Perhaps it doesn't like my video card, but my video card is an NVidia and this distro is supposedly tilted against NVidia.

Took out the CD, and tried it on a different machine (a notebook) viola it starts up ok. The start up screen has what I think is probably a desktop, it looks like the 'official snapshot' but it doesn't take up the full screen space. It also has an 'x' in the tool bar to close it. Clicked on it and the whole thing crashed.

Enough of short cuts, let's download the developer's edition and give it a go.

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