Google API and Site Search


The search results on this site used to be produced by ASPSeek. ASPSeek is no longer in development and I haven't used the alternative mnogosearch in quite a while. For the uninitated ASPSeek has nothing to do with the Active Server Pages by the M$ company. It's a fork of the mnogosearch project. Both these used to be quite popular not so long ago.

I am reluctanct to start using mnogosearch (a project I have not used since switching to aspseek). I would need to relearn things. The configuration syntax etc for mnogosearch is very similar to that of ASPseek (remember the latter is a fork). The truth is I have been so completely out of touch with both systems that I would need to relearn everything from scratch.

If you are learning, learn something new. So the site's search pages are now powered by Google. It turned out to be redicolously easy to implement.

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