Setting up Apache SSL

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Since it has been a long time since I last updated the apache server running on my pc (RH 9.0) I decided to upgrade to 1.3.29 and decided to try out apache SSL at the same time. Apache SSL is actually a patch for the apache web server. This is pretty much the same way that qmail works, except that qmail license leaves no option but to take this approach. How to apply the SSL patch is explained very well in the document, and having applied it the next step was configure followed by make. Unfortunately the building ran into a problem - the case of the missing kerberos a common occurance on RH9. The solution of course is to set the correct path for kerberos headers. In this case I did a

export INCLUDES='-I /usr/include/kerberos/'

The compilation was successfull after that. I was just a bit worried about what might happen with the make install step, so i decided to bakup my httpd.conf file. Of course the apache installer is well behaved and will preserve your configuration but it's always better to be safe than sorry. After make install, I found that I need not have worried at all because apache SSL keeps a separate set of files for it's own use. That also means apacheSSL runs as a separate process and has to be configured separately and so on which i am not so keen on because there are only so many hours to each day. Now for a look at mod ssl Footnote (added 24 May 2004): I was wrong about having to run two separate processes Footnote (added Nov 30 2011): This discussion is old hat (well it was written in 2004 after all), since apache 1 is almost never seen anymore.
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