Another Joke By thawte


Thawte has a very poor idea about service and customer support, so when they asked if I would like to participate in a survey I jumped at it. At the outset the survey site mentioned that it could take about 10 minutes to completed. I decided to go ahead with that just so I could let off a little bit of steam.

Unfortunately it seems Thawte and/or the company they have hired to do the survey are clueless about the products that thawte have on offer. I have never obtained an SSL certificate from thawte and never will. There are other organizations that offer SSL certificate and give a better service.

I only ever ordered code signing certificates from them. Yet on the survery question after question is about SSL certificates. No where do they mention any other kinds of certificates. The moron who designed the survey only needs to visit the thawte website to find what products they sell. Or perhaps the moron is incapable of reading.

I jumped to the latter conclusion and abandoned the survey half way through. Hopefully the comments will be passed onto someone who can read.

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