ASP.NET and Mono.


I first ran into the .NET platform in 2000, despite that I am happy to say I have never written a line of .NET code until now. My previous close encounter was purely to do with the fact that I was waging a lone battle for the honour of open source against an army of MCPs at a Microsoft certified solution provider. I read up a lot on .NET with out actually writing a single line of code.

I am happy to say that many of my former collegues are now die hard PHP fans, even though they may not exactly be linux fans. One of them happens to have about a dozen microsoft qualifications including MCSE and MCDBA. But I digress.

On friday, I installed the Mono cause I was bored. Unfrotunately the all in one installer that I downloaded does not seem to include, mod_mono which is required if you wish to write web apps with .NET on linux. Mod_mono as you rightly suspect is the apache module that enables it to run ASP.NET scripts. (are they called scripts? who cares?)

Mod_mono had to be downloaded and compiled by hand. Though all the sample code included in the download did run, my own hello world didn't work at all and it took me a while to realize the errors of my ways.

Well, I haven't really realized the errors of my ways but I will pretend that I have. Which is fair enough because .NET is all about pretending. It pretends that it wasn't influenced by java to start off with. Someone please explain to me why .NET pretends to be even driven. HTTP simply doesn't work that way, but try explaining that to the idiots staring at a blue screen of death or formatting their hard disks because another virus got through IE.

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