ASP.NET and Include.


We should not make disparaging remarks about ASP.NET developers. They are the less fortunate in society. We should sympathize with this disadvantaged community who have never had the opportunity to write code in PHP or Java.

Take for example the case of the include or require calls in PHP. These language constructs (They are not really functions) can be used to include another file in the response returned by the script on execution. The files themselves can be dynamic or static.

Both PHP and Java provide at least four different ways in which another file can be included. That makes is very easy to create template driven websites.

The misguided fools who only develop with VB.NET or C# have been brainwashed into believing that not having such a feature is a good thing. They have been taught at .NET has a superior architecture. Anything that is a copy of Java architecture whould be a good thing, but they have not copied everything. That is they have missed a bit.

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