Getting started with Cold Fusion.


After having gone through the thoroughly boring installation steps for Cold Fusion MX 7, now it's time to figure out how to start the server. They seem to have conviniently forgotten to put this information in a readme file or to include it in the getting started page on the Macromedia site.. A quick look at the bin/ folder reveals that that the server can be started with the coldfusion start command. (duh obvious).

The getting started page does not include a hello world example either. I rekoned that the following will do:


That still leaves me with the task of figuring out where the file should be placed. My installation folder is opt/coldfusionmx7 so I reckoned opt/coldfusionmx7/wwwroot would be a good place. Wrong.

Type http://localhost:8500/ into the browser, A directory listing will be revealed. It clearly shows the presence of my hello.cfm file. Click on it, and the server written by a bunch of morons will tell you that:

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