Yum my Firefox


Finally found a YUM repository that has firefox 1.5. It's a place called nrpms. The yum update went very smoothly, none of the hassles found in the binary download on mozilla.com or the RPMs available all over the place.

Since all the plug ins have to be reinstalled, I thought this is the best time to update the JVM (in view of the recent security issue). All the extensions have to be updated too, unfortunately quite a few of the extensions do not have updates and cannot be used with firefox.

Of all the extensions, Live HTTP Headers and open Java console are the most important as far as I am concerned. Hat's off the guys who made them. Sadly both these extensions will not work on firefox 1.5

Strangely enough when you access a page that contains an applet the browser will automatically pop up a java console. This rather annoying, specially for non technical users. If you close the console and view another applet, the console will not reappear and there is no way to make it reappear. This is rather annoying if you happen to be a developer.

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