If you are a frequent visitor to this site, I hope you will be sad to see that it has fallen into neglect. The neglect is reflected by the log stats too, this week the site has delivered only half as many pageviews as it did the last week of November. Now it could be because of the holidays. I am hoping it is but last year there wasn't such a drastic drop.

One of my resolutions for the new year that's coming up definitely will be to take better care of this site. I will definitely fix the wiki. It brought many moons ago due to an incompatibility between PHP and Mediawiki. Fixing the wiki is a lot of hard work because mediawiki (sadly) has become bloatware. A new software is needed.

The site doesn't make any real $ fortunately hosting is sponsored by Rad Inks so it doesn't really matter but megaupload drinks up a lot of bandwidth do it's about time that the site starts making some money. A redesign with the adsense ads coming closer to the top of the page will eventually have to be done.

This blog is static! though it's powered by Movable Type, the MT installation is actually on my local computer and not on this server. I post on my desktop/server and then use rsync to beam it up. The reasons being bandwidth at the local end costing a lot more when the blog first started than it costs now, and a fear of 'comment spam'

Now that there have been so many posts it's kind of hard to migrate to another blogger and finding the time for the migration is going to be the hardest task of them all.

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