lens repairman

2006 Jan 10 at 17:29 » Tagged as :photography,

The lense that was broken has been remade. I took my Sigma 300mm which was broken at the mount point for repairs last week and today, went to pick it up. The lense/camera repairman is a real expert at the job. I thought the lense was destined for the dust bin but apparently fixing such breaks is a routine task for him.

He is an old gentlmen named Mr Perera at any given moment you find at least two stripped down cameras on his desk. More than anything else he likes to chat and when I just about to leave he asked me what do I do for a living?

How do you explain the internet to someone who dosn't have a computer and has never used a computer? He certainly is intelligent and knows his optics as well as (or better than) some physics lecturers I know.

How do you explain software to someone who can fix any film camera made during the last fifty years but wouldn't touch a digital camera with a barge pole?

How do you explain online transactions to someone who doesn't use a credit card. It took me more than half an hour to explain all this to him but he was still scratching his head when I left. The lense is almost as good as new though.