Loads of new software


So we start February with a lot of important releases for new software (no I am not talking about our own products, we have not made any releases this month). I am talking about Netbeans and Explorer 7 (beta).

Well I had a look at a explorer 7 and can't figure out what the fuss is about. Apparently sites that used to work on IE 6 don't work on IE 7, anyone who is suprised by that needs to get his or her head examined.

Other development of course is the release of Netbeans 5. It has been through the beta and the rc stages and now we have the gold. Even RC 2 appeared pretty stable. If you don't mind ceratain eccentricities Netbeans is definitely the best free IDE for Java out there. Some whould even argue that it's the best IDE for Java. (drop the word free from that statement).

Also made available recently is a free version of Oracle, well it was made available some time ago but this is the first time, I am seeing it. Am I out of touch or what?

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