Qemu and Tun/Tap mystery

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The domino effect from the DriveReady SeekComplete Error continues. First I had to repartition the two 'good' hard drives and make some space to move the stuff from the dud hard disk onto them. Then several CDs backups were also made. This was followed by upgrading the kernel, which naturally resulted in having to upgrade the Qemu Installation as well..

It cannot however be said that all went well. Qemu networking with tun/tap has stopped dead in it's tracks, for no apparent reason. The last time, I installed tun/tap, I only just managed to get to working, that too with a of groping in the dark. Google is as usefull as ever when you run into problems; all the solutions appear to be inapplicable in my situation.

It seems that Qemu is not executing the /etc/qemu-ifup script at all - if it's being executed it's failing silently (which shouldn't happen). Running the script manually gives the following error:

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